Certified ProAdvisors

We are Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors and can not only teach you how to properly use Quickbooks, but enjoy it too!

Whether you want minimal training and have us do the heavy lifting or want to know how to fully use Quickbooks yourself, we can provide just the right amount of help!

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What our customers say…

Sapphire Bookkeeping has been great helping me start and maintain my small business. She knows everything I need to do and if she doesn’t know something, she researches it quickly. My payroll is always done very quickly after submitting our hours and she travels to my home if I need help going over anything. Last year at tax time, she was sure to call and ask about additional deductions, helping us make sure to find everything and help us maximize our taxes. I recommend Sapphire to friends who are starting small businesses or running larger ones. They are very organized and professional!

I was looking to change accountants and reached out to Sapphire accounting to file my 2013 taxes. Tiffany was extremely professional. knowledgeable and on the ball. She was accommodating to my schedule, and turned around my filing in record time. I highly recommend Sapphire for their professional attitude and great service.

I had Tiffany do my business and personal taxes this year and it was awesome. She is helping me be better organized; I can literally scan a tax paper and say “What is this?” and she’ll get me going on whatever needs to be done. I know that as my small business grows I can count on Sapphire Bookkeeping to keep me on track. Particularly great with creative small businesses.

Seriously…it can’t get any better. It’s just not possible. Sapphire Bookkeeping is amazing and completely understands individual as well as small business needs/desires. I own a small company and initially was doing all of the bookkeeping myself, then hired a company I found on Craigslist who destroyed all of my files (meaning made them super unorganized and random) so Sapphire Bookkeeping swept in and in no time fixed all the errors and got me back on track. We work with Tiffany and she is always quick with answers to any question or need we have. They have been an incredible asset to our company growth and have helped us tremendously. I have already recommended several other business to Sapphire Bookkeeping and I will continue to do so.

I can’t say enough about what Sapphire Bookkeeping has done for our family’s tax prep! We were so disorganized and always late until we found Sapphire. In one year Tiffany has totally transformed the way we approach our taxes and even makes the process enjoyable! The ability to work over email with everthing digital makes tax time the easiest it can be. Any individual or family who needs help with their taxes should hire Sapphire.

What can I say? Sapphire Bookkeeping is AMAZING! Efficient knowledgeable and overall the best you can get. I love working with Tiffany, and don’t know where I would be without her. She helps keep my small business in order, and organized. She is super helpful when I have a question or need assistance. Tiffany runs everything very professionally keeping me on track, and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has helped me with. Tiffany knows her stuff, and is there to help you along every step of the way!

I don’t even think about my taxes anymore, now that I’ve hired Sapphire Bookkeeping and Accounting! I’ve used Tiffany for the past two years now and she is so organized and makes it so easy for me. Before hiring Sapphire, I would start to get anxiety about taxes around the first of the year. I have a small business and there are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration. I don’t have to worry about that anymore! Tiffany has it all under control. She is also very friendly, willing to answer questions, flexible when it comes to meeting times and places, and very fair with pricing and fees. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family!

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We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Our Team is dedicated to making sure your books, accounting, and taxes are taken care of the way they should be, the way you’d expect from professionals with your best interest in mind.